About Skye

I am ecstatic to be writing full-time now--stories about scrappy heroines fighting falling in love--after working for 15 years as a cable TV executive.

I live in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington DC with my husband (and college sweetheart!) and my two spunky daughters, who are 6 and 3 years old.

Last summer, we adopted a very goofy mini sheepadoodle named Huxley who doesn't seem so mini.

I hail from South Carolina y'all (but I was born in New Hampshire). I am so lucky we were able to invest in a small vacation rental in Kiawah Island, SC--my late mother and I shared a dream of retiring to the beach and writing, so I'm halfway there! (although I'm learning writing isn't really retiring LOL). It is such a natural, amazing escape--our "happy place".

For pleasure, I love cheering on the Washington Nationals at the ballpark, and we would go quite regularly (when there isn't a pandemic)--my girls love it too! I also enjoy playing golf, working out regularly with whatever Beachbody program I'm on (I'm a coach if you ever want to join an accountability group!) or practicing yoga, going on local hikes, and painting (mainly acrylic and oil). We also love to travel--we've bumped a trip to Africa for our 15 year anniversary (Damndemic) -- hoping we'll get to go soon!

I also really enjoy an adult beverage to cap off the day--usually red wine--but when I'm behaving I love real loose leaf hot tea.

My goal with this blog is to share an update on my journey every Sunday evening. If you'd like to receive this update in your inbox, then please subscribe to my newsletter, sign-up is HERE!

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