Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spring Break Hangover

After two weeks of spring break in Kiawah Island, SC I have a bit of a hangover... but not in the I consumed too much alcohol way, LOL. I'm just out of the swing of normal life!

I did writerly things... mainly volunteering for the Washington Romance Writers annual retreat as the editor agent pitch coordinator. It was the first year we've done it virtually, and while I believe it was a success, I can't lie that it was chaotic and consumed a lot of time.

I've learned my lesson--I am the WORST about overcommitting, and this plus the Vivian judging kind of put me over the top. I didn't realize it'd all hit in one week, and at the same time as having to oversee virtual schooling for my 6-year-old and host family in our condo.


Such is life--and I definitely feel that I made some good writer friends through it all so it was worth it. But NOW... I have to get after it. So I've been revisiting all my goals and timelines to see what's doable. I still intend to output my full trilogy this calendar year... but the editing will have to push into next year. So sad. NOT! (And now I've aged myself... again.)

Next week, I'll check-in and let you know if I stuck to my deadlines to hold myself accountable publicly!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Throwback: My 1st Tattoo Story

So since Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, and I suppose of all days Easter should be, I'm re-purposing an old Facebook post for y'all, but it's a goodie. This is the story of my first tattoo--that is both tied to my writing and my spirituality--so I think fitting.

From February 2, 2019:

So I got my first tattoo today at the ripe old age of 37. Thanks Hannah!

I’ve been wanting this tattoo since a sermon my pastor gave on October 4, 2015. However, I’ve been busy, you know having babies and whatnot, so it took a bit for me to pull the trigger.


I’m a spiritual person, but don’t make it to church often. But this one message really resonated with me. My pastor spoke of the “power of yes”. That yes is ultimately a word of affirmation that we are all looking to hear.


This “yes” represented many things. Saying “yes” to God, and God saying “yes” to you in return. The life-giving force when parents say “yes” to their newborn, though figuratively by their embrace. The yeses we deliver and receive when agreeing to marriage, offering or receiving a new job, acceptance to college, or even to sit at someone’s lunch table. Yes to life, yes to ourselves, yes to each other.


To me, the longer I’ve dwelled on it, yes is not only affirmation and acceptance, but empowerment and attitude and ultimately fearlessness. Of course, there are times to say “no.” But aren’t we all looking to hear a little more “yes” in our lives?


So when my husband looks at me and says, “Hey babe, let’s take X trip.” I try to say “yes” whenever I can, even when in my head there may be more work and personal hassle than might make it worthwhile. When my 4YO little girl says, Mommy let’s build this STEM toy (which is always time-consuming), more often than not, I try to put the dishes and the laundry out of my head, and say “yes, baby, let’s do it,” and her joy is so simple and fulfilling.


Less than a year ago, when I had a respected colleague at my day job asked me if I was interested in moving departments, to head up something under him that was new to me and challenging, and leave behind the autonomy and comfort of something I’d known and owned for almost 12 years, I took that leap of faith, and said “yes”, following the advice of another mentor who told me “shed to grow.”


And for here, this account where I share my pursuit of becoming a published romance author, I say “yes” as an affirmation to myself and my writing, that I believe in the works I’m creating, in myself, and that I can do it. Placing this ink in my own handwriting, on my right forearm where I can see it, every time that I’m writing, is my special reminder.


So tonight as I relax with a glass of wine and contemplate my new and first! tattoo, I smile at having said “yes” to this little adventure. I went solo for myself and by myself, and can’t wait to continue to say “yes” to more adventures, to God, to writing, to fearlessness... knowing fear is the edge of opportunity. And to deal affirmation out as often as possible to all the people I love.

NOTE from today Easter Sunday 2021: I'm now going for my 3rd tattoo soon. Yes, they're addictive!