Monday, November 13, 2017

Back to Reality

Well baby leave is over. Went back to work months ago, and no, I didn't finishing editing my manuscript before. Alas, I spent more of my time enjoying my new daughter. :)

Now I've been back a little over 2 months, and there have been some hurtles, including an extended hospital stay over Labor Day weekend in which we learned our littlest has a milk protein allergy... and thus no more queso, pimento cheese or salted caramel ice cream for Mama! The dairy free diet has been a challenge but more so watching "Moon" as we'll call her trying to learn to take bottles, drink formula and gain weight--that's been the slow and tough uphill battle! She is still working to gain weight but definitely doing better.

But otherwise we as a family of four (+ our fur baby of course) are finding our new, albeit sleep-deprived, rhythm. And I am finding my way back to my writing. I've been able to find some editing time on my regular Wednesday Night Writes with my steady crew of writing friends there, and thus am VERY close to finishing this round of copy edits.

But THEN I've signed up to get a developmental edit at the end of this November with the phenomenal Kimberly Kincaid! Which I am so excited about it. I love her writing style, not to mention her general style and great shoes, and can't wait to see what she thinks of my work. I really just wanted to continue to push my writing to the next level before sending it out into the world. But once I'm through with this round--FOR REAL--I promise I'll be sending it off to agents and editors! Before you know it. And I am so ready for the next stage.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What I've Been Up To

A lot has happened in the past year since I've posted, haha! Understatement of the century.

But these are the big things:

  1. Wednesday Night Writes #wnwdc -- Along with some writer friends, I started a writing group that gets together once a week to write the words primarily, or edit, or research, as well as commiserate, share tips, and for general comraderie. We started in May of 2016 and have been going strong for over a year now! Hooray to designated writing time.
  2. Completed Round 1 Editing -- Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I'd never be done. About 3 years after completing the draft of my first manuscript (and having my first daughter) I finally, finally, finally got it to the point where I was willing to let other people read it, thus I...
  3. Sent my MS out for Beta Reading! -- I found some writing friends and readers of the genre willing to review my work and am so grateful to have their initial feedback to know what was strong and weak. Very indepth and actionable feedback.
  4. Completed Round 2 of Editing -- This was much quicker because I was trying to make the deadline for...
  5. Entering my MS in Contests! -- This isn't the first time I'd submitted, but let's be real--I submitted the first MS back then when even I hadn't read it, haha! Crazy. This time it was actually edited... and I received more feedback, from strangers with anonymity. The good news is most of it was pretty consistent. And my main takeaways were reiterated by my...
  6. First Professional Copy Edit! -- I was so blessed to win a full manuscript copy edit at our Washington Romance Writers annual conference last April, and thus once I completed round 2 edits--I finally sent the MS over to the professional editor from whom I won it, Denise McInerney. Her feedback was largely in line with what I was hearing from others, but so awesome to have hers line-by-line throughout my manuscript helping me to see the issues and how to refine them. However, I was about to hit another major roadblock...
  7. Baby Daughter #2 arrived! On April 23 and 9 days early. I'll refer to her as "Moon" in these public forums (so not her name) but she is healthy, and sweet and mellow--and big sister "Star" is thrilled but doesn't understand why she's not getting bigger faster haha!
  8. Editing Again -- So here's where I am now. Editing again... working through all the great feedback from the professional copy edit--but it's just taking some time... and I took a break for the first 8 weeks of Moon's life. Hopefully I'll get that wrapped well before my maternity leave ends, so I can get synopses and query letters completed and get this MS off my desk and get on to the NEXT STORY by the time I start back at my day job!!! :)